~ Cynthia Ellis ~


Something for Everyone...

Tools for quilting, sewing, and needlecraft arts. 

Original designs, handcrafted to last. Seam rippers, stilettos, laying tools, awls, needle and scissors cases, crochet hooks, shawl pins, and more!

Including an innovative, ergonomic hook handle for ladies with a touch of arthritis who still like to crochet.

For the Long Hair Community...


Cynthia turns hair pins in many lengths and contours and colors!

They work well with many kinds of hair. Basically, if you can twist your locks into a full circle, you can hold them up with one of her one-of-a-kind creations.

It's true. You can never have too many hair toys!

A Pen in the Hand...

Technology aside, there will always be a place for a fine writing instrument.

Cynthia's pen turnings give you something that is lovely to look at, comfortable to hold, and writes like a dream.

Her innovative designs have received recognition. Specifically, her "Write Back" Calligraphy pen was a finalist for the 2000 Niche Award in the category Wood-Turned.

And her Fridge Pen will be a proven money-saver, when used as directed...

Comments from Customers...

"My all time favorite 'laying tool'!!!" ~ Barbi S.

"I saw your ad in a magazine for seam rippers and checked out your website. I purchased one and it's still my favorite. It's beautiful, was sharp when I received it and it's still sharp. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another. Because it's my favorite, I take very good care of it and have never misplaced it." ~ Tina D.

"I love your hairsticks-- whenever I see one that is an appropriate length in a color I wear, I tend to get it. :)" ~ Chloe B.

"This is one of my favorite hair accessories. It is as smooth as glass and the grain is incredibly beautiful." ~ Judie S.

"I just adore the look and feel of my WoodbyC crochet hooks - they really make me feel inspired as well as being the perfect length, weight and feel for use." ~ Amanda M.

"A lot of people say I was silly to spend that much on it [crochet hook holder] but it was well worth every penny ! It is so comfortable to crochet with the smaller hooks with this. It is such beautiful wood, so smooth and just the right size. I have recommended you to a few others. Being on a very fixed income I had to save to buy the handle but never have I regretted it . Thank you for making thread crochet available to me once again !" ~ Sue K.

"I Love, Love, Love the crochet gripper hook holdes and cases." ~ Lyn R.

"I use my crochet hook holder frequently - it's the best for using my fine hooks - I love it & it's beautiful as well as functional." ~ Vicky G.

"I love the crochet hook handle (you may have another name). It is beautiful and keeps my hands from hurting so much." ~ Mary H.

"Yours were my favorites of all my hair sticks; I've since cut my hair very short, so they have gone to my daughter. She loves them as well, especially since they are among the few that actually work with her hair which extends to mid-thigh and is very thick." ~ Chrisanne G.

"...actually bought several of the dip pens. I bought the first because it was so pretty, after that it was because of the way they felt in my hands. very comfortable... and still very pretty."  ~ Babs W.

"...most gorgeous thimbles I have ever seen." ~ Keri B.

"I bought 2 hair sticks. They are my go to sticks, I use them more than any other sticks I own." ~ Oreleah B.

"My wife loved her tools. She's a quilter, and she keeps them right at her sewing machine all the time." ~ Jeff D.


"Loved it so much my mom took it and I had to buy another." ~ Melanie J.

"I use the stiletto almost daily and find the shape perfect." ~ Bonnie P.

"... for needlepoint work and I bought another for a dear friend. It was so admired in my needlepoint class - compliments all around the table. I love the colors and fit and feel of your handmade tools, I think that they help elevate the quality of my work because my tools inspire me!" ~ Shelly S.

"As with the other pieces I have bought from you, it is absolutely unique and beautiful. It was a letter opener and I'm truly amazed at how good it actually works. It's not just a beautiful piece of art but functional." ~ Diane C.

"I bought both of my sticks on eBay but, heard about you through the Long Hair Community. I have 2 of your twisted hair sticks and they are my very favorite hair accessory. I have sold or gifted all of my forks and most of the other sticks I owned because I only use my WBC twist sticks now." ~ Vicki

"Received item in less than a week and it was a beautiful one of a kind seam ripper for a quilting friend who keeps finding better fabrics and replaces others on her quilts in progress." ~ April Z.

"I bought the handle for steel crochet hooks. It allows me to still work with steel hooks even though the arthritis in my hands keeps getting worse. It's a real blessing!" ~ Cheryl F.